Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Chapter President- Lucy LaSuer

Chapter President

Hello my name is Lucy LaSuer and I have the great privilege to serve as President of Sigma Kappa! I am from a small town, Kingston, TN. I am a senior here at UTC and I am studying marketing. Sigma Kappa has held a special place in my heart since I was 8 years old when my sister became a member her Freshman year. Being a legacy always reminds me that I have joined something so much bigger than myself and I am so proud to be apart of this nationwide sisterhood. Sigma Kappa has helped me grow as a person and has brought me some of my closest friends. I am so grateful to have found my home here at UTC.

Executive Vice President- Ashton Mitchell

Executive Vice President

Hello! My name is Ashton Mitchell and I am a senior accounting major with plans to go onto Law School to study Environmental Law. Apart from Sigma Kappa, I am a member of the UTC Honors College and I am an intern at TVA in the Fuel Accounting Department. It is a pleasure to have this leadership opportunity to serve as Sigma Kappa’s Executive Vice President. One of our values is Personal Growth and when I went through recruitment it is one of the reasons I chose Sigma Kappa, I knew it was a place where my strengths and weaknesses would be tested for my own personal growth.

Vice President of Membership- Halle Raines

Vice President of Membership

My name is Halle Raines and I am from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. I'm a senior Nursing major and I plan on working with geriatric patients in the future. I have the pleasure as serving as Theta Phi's VPM, and I love showing girls just how much Sigma Kappa means to me! I love Sigma Kappa because it provides me with endless opportunities, support, love, and it has brought me my very best friends.

VP of New Member Education- Bailey Laughmiller

Vice President of New Member Education

I feel so honored to be the Vice President of New Member Education for the Theta Phi chapter! I was born and raised in Collierville, TN, which is right outside of Memphis. I am a rising senior and nursing major and hope to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. I am so thankful to be apart of Sigma Kappa and for all the opportunities it has given me. 3 years ago, I would have never thought that I would have been a leader in this chapter. I would not have been able to do this without my amazing, selfless sisters that I know will be by my side for a lifetime.

VP of Alumnae Relations- Ansley Sharpe

Vice President of Alumane Relations

My name is Ansley Sharpe and I serve as Sigma Kappa's Vice President of Alumnae Relations for the 2017 school year. I am a Senior at UTC and I am an early childhood education major and plan to teach kindergarten or first grade after graduating

VP of Finance- Emily Massengill

Vice President of Finance

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Massengill and I am from Polk County, Tennessee. I am lucky to serve as the Vice President of Finance. I am a human resource management major and I hope to pursue a career in this area one day. I fell in love with Sigma Kappa from day one. Sigma Kappa has brought me so many great opportunities and I can't wait to continue to grow as a person with my amazing sisters by my side. Taking on this executive position has truly been a blessing and I look forward to finishing up my senior year with Sigma Kappa!

VP of Scholarship- Jessica Tedder

Vice President of Scholarship

Hey there! I am currently in my third year here at UTC, and I am pursuing a degree in Pre-Professional Biology. I have the pleasure of serving as Theta Phi’s Vice President of Scholarship, meaning I help our chapter emphasize our value of personal growth as it relates to academics and career readiness. Outside of Sigma Kappa, I love my jobs working for Campus Recreation and serving as a student intern with the House ministry. I truly love UTC, but Sigma Kappa holds its own special place in my heart because of all of the wonderful friends, resources, and opportunities it has given me! I can’t wait to see where the rest of this journey takes me!

Panhellenic Delegate- Ashley Simpson

Panhellenic Delegate

I am a Senior majoring in Exercise Science/pre Occupational Therapy from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. I chose this major because I am very passionate about helping others and I can't wait to make a career of it. Sigma Kappa has given me a thousand opportunities to fulfill my passion of helping others through our philanthropy. I am more than thrilled to serve on Theta Phi's executive council. If it weren't for Sigma Kappa, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

VP of Programming

Vice President of Programming

Our Vice President of Programming is currently serving in a leadership role with Panhellenic as a Recruitment Counselor. This requires her to disaffiliate until after recruitment is over. Will be post her information after fall recruitment.

VP of Philanthropic Services- Michaela Leaf

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Hello! My name is Michaela Leaf and I have the pleasure of serving as the Vice President of Philanthropic Services. I am currently a junior majoring in Business Marketing. I hope to one day work with a non-profit organization and travel the world and serve those around me. Sigma Kappa has truly been a blessing in my collegiate years. It has given me lifelong friendships, personal growth, and many leadership opportunities. Without the Theta Phi chapter, I would not be the person I am today. I can not wait to serve the chapter and raise awareness for Alzheimer's. Sigma Kappa - I thank you everyday for letting me be apart of something bigger than myself.